Vanesa Moreno is a 23 year old Bolivian-American filmmaker and photographer. A Taurus sun, Pisces moon, and Gemini rising with a love for the movies on Criterion even though she has no paid subscription for it. She is a member at FREE THE WORK and a member of American Bolivian Collective, Women of Color Unite (WOCU), Chicana Director’s Initiative (CDI), as well as Sporas, a cinematographer collective. Her work can be found on ARRAYCrew, a profile database available to hundreds of hiring managers in the film and tv industry.

After graduating from VCUarts Cinema with her BA in Cinema and minor in Business in 2021, she entered the independent filmmaker life by moving to Los Angeles and pursuing freelance film production work in the camera department. She is currently a full-time freelancer and formerly a prep tech at Old Fast Glass, a camera rental house in the Valley. She is ultimately very inspired and moved with the analog film medium and foreign international cinema. Shooting on super-8 and super 16mm is her latest obsession. With almost minoring in world cinema, Martin Scorsese’s World Cinema preservation project is one of her main inspirations to continue to work as an artist and filmmaker. Shooting her own film photography since she was 15, she will fight day and night to keep the film medium alive for as long as she lives.

Using her personal experiences and Gen-Z brain, she aims to tell poignant stories of the immigrant experience, depressed bisexuals, and complex relationship dynamics. She courageously centers her narrative writings around identity, love, community and family. She loves to take pictures on her film cameras, unwind by cooking a good meal up in the kitchen and anxiously tries to write scripts in her free time. Aside from filmmaking, she loves astrology, traveling, analog media, discovering new music, foreign cinema, thrift shopping, going to shows and watching funny Tiktoks.